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Plant Dog LLC

Daisy Flower Lickmat

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Introducing the Daisy Flower Lickmat - a delightful and interactive treat for your furry friends! This cute lickmat is designed to keep your pets engaged and entertained while promoting healthy licking habits. Shaped like a cheerful daisy, it features multiple textured surfaces that are perfect for spreading peanut butter, yogurt, or other tasty spreads. The Daisy Flower Lickmat is made from pet-safe and durable materials, ensuring it withstands even the most enthusiastic lickers. Not only does it provide a fun distraction for your pets, but it also helps reduce anxiety and boredom, making it ideal for times when they need some extra comfort. Simply smear your pet's favorite treat onto the lickmat's surface, and watch them enjoy hours of lickable delight. The slow licking action helps in reducing overeating and aids in digestion, making it a fantastic tool for pet owners who want to keep their pets mentally and physically stimulated.

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